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Welcome to SOZA Healthcare

Soza Healthcare Sdn Bhd is a specialized healthcare company founded by dedicated and experienced professionals from the pharmaceutical and medical industry in this region.

We specialize in products for advanced wound care management with special focus on diabetic foot care and bed sore care. Our passion for diabetic foot care and bed sore care stems from the fact that these are huge problems that could be address and prevented with proper care, better choice of management.

Non-viable tissue of slough and tissue that is not granulating is always a challenge with chronic wound. Nanogen Aktiv is a bio cellulose membrane for complex wound healing, it could kick-start difficult wound recourse its healing pathway. Nanogen Aktigel is a gel with the same bioactive ingredient that is bacteriostatic and its active ingredient enable clearing of slough and regeneration of wound bed.

Latest guideline has highlight the importance of periwound skin (surrounding a wound) care. Periwound damage is a risk factor for delayed wound healing and may increase the risk of wound infection. Skin breakdown of dermopathy with impaired dry, cracked or moist related damage could be restored with collagen lotion formula.

Continue infections are a deterrent factor in chronic wound heal, RTD antimicrobial foam dressings is an innovative new foam dressing with 3 ingredients to effectively curb local wound infections and wound fluid.

Excess fluid (exudates) not under control could utilize Gold Dust wound filler to be used in the wound bed to absorb/capture the fluid.

For even more heavy exudates and faster wound closure, portable/disposable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) - UNO - that acts as a vacuum to eradicate wound fluid in a disposable canister could be used. Patient can be treated in clinic and still free to move around, carrying this portable NPWT equipment that encourage wound healing.

Malnutrition is documented to be one of a factor that delay wound heal. Nutritional supplement is needed for those who are malnourished for better healing. Macro and micro nutrients plays a vital role in various stages of wound heal. Bed ridden patient would need extra protein intake in order to have better healing.

Working in close partnership with medical professionals, we are committed to contribute in bringing the latest technologies to help professionals in reducing the number of diabetic foot/pressure ulcers and heal wounds more efficiently.
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