Clinician Opinion Online

This is a partnership between Soza Healthcare Sdn Bhd and Malaysia Society of Wound Care Professionals (MSWCP) to provide Community Pharmacist the opportunity to seek medical professionals opinion online with regards to management of wounds seen in daily practice.

The upload of wound data is private and confidential and directed to MSWCP for consultation and recommendation on the best approach to manage and heal the wound. Please upload the most current and clear picture of the wound.

Soza Healthcare Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Society of Wound Care Professional and the Community Pharmacist endeavours to provide this service to help patient understand their condition, manage their wounds and also know when to seek the help of a clinician. The group will not be held responsible for any mishap / loss of limbs / loss of life or complications. In the event of complex wound, patients will be directed to clinics or hospitals near their vicinity for further management of the said wound.

This service is only rendered to Community Pharmacist.
Please contact Soza Healthcare for login credentials.

Patients or patients family can only access this service through consultation with Community Pharmacist.
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