Nanogen Aktiv & Nanogen Aktigel

Nanogen Aktiv is a Bio-Cellulose nano-structured membrane made from organic polysaccharide nano-fibre (2 nanometers in length). Its membrane fibre reach into the wound bed, mimic collagen / extra cellular matrix.

Nanogen Aktigel derives from same bio active ingredient (plant stem cells) with 40% membrane nano-structured fibre, suspended in a gel for quick absorption into the wound bed.

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RTD® Wound Dressing

New ingredient (3 in 1) antimicrobial foam dressing for infective wound.

What is RTD™ Wound Dressing?

RTD™ is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial polyurethane foam with
  • Methylene Blue
  • Gentian Violet
  • Silver Zirconium Phosphate (Non-cytotoxicand)
  • Surfactant integrated into the foam polymer matrix.
RTD™ is the universal quick-closing, moist, advanced oxygenation, capillary-suction-therapy and biofilm reducing dressing with bio-burden sequestration.

Indications for Use:

RTD™ Wound Dressing is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with light to heavy exudate, including pressure ulcers, venous stasis, arterial ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, graft wounds, donor sites, surgical/post-operative wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns, lacerations, abrasions and any other wound inflicted by trauma.

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Epigranex Capsules

Professional treatment plan will not only focus on providing solutions to the wound bed, the periwound area. Medical professionals will also look into providing adequate nutrition to patients at risk of developing a wound, OR in aid of wound healing process.

A wound patient will have a higher need of specific nutrients to support healing. Various macro and micro nutrients plays a vital role in wound healing process. Obtaining optimum amount of these nutrients are not always achieved in our daily diet. Nutritional supplement aims to provide essential nutrients to ensure our body are in optimum shape for regeneration & healing.

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Epigran Protein

Good nutrition is essential in wound healing process. Our body will utilize what we consume to convert into energy and building blocks to enable recovery.

Those admitted into hospitals for a period of time, bed-ridden or immobile patients especially elderly are especially prone to having hi-chance of malnutrition and will be subject to high risk of having pressure injury.

Inadequate intake and specific nutrient deficits are some of the deterrent factor that would impede wound healing process.

Epigran Protein is formulated with professional guidelines in mind to provide the necessary nutrients to those who are malnourished. Pesine Pea & Swiss Oat protein is selected as it is easy to digest, low in allergen and will not induce lactose intolerance. It is providing essential energy, fortified with macro & micro nutrients according to various international guidelines. The addition of Japan Oyza processed birds' nests as additional benefits in healing.

Epigran Protein is a unique formula that provides essential nutrient & supplement protein for those who are malnourished in the process of healing.

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Genadyne UNO

Genadyne UNO is indicated for use in patients who would benefit from negative pressure wound therapy particularly as the device may promote wound healing by the removal of exudates and infectious materials.

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100% made in Korea Droplet Protection Face Guard to be used in addition with face mask for better protection.

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LDS Milano

LDS Instant Hand Sanitizer offers maximum antibacterial protection. Kills 99.99% of germs as quick as within 15 seconds. Fortified with moisturizers and does not leave residue.

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